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Our finances play a key role in being able to live our values as well as to passionately pursue what is most important to us. While it is most certainly true that we need money to address our basic needs, quite often, there is more to life than just acquiring as much wealth as possible.

Our firm was founded on the philosophy that your financial resources should be viewed as a wellspring for your life goals; a means to discovering, and living, your True Wealth.

In his book, The Brower Quadrant, Lee Brower defines True Wealth as an abundance of all four of these assets:

  • Our Core Assets
  • Our Experience Assets
  • Our Contribution Assets
  • Our Financial Assets

Most of us know people with great Financial Assets who have few friends or family, or we know them from It’s a Wonderful Life (Mr. Potter) or Dickens’ A Christmas Carol (Ebenezer Scrooge). Ironically, they experience scarcity in Experience Assets in the midst of an abundance of money. There are others, like Mother Teresa, who have few Financial Assets but have tremendous Contribution Assets.

At True Wealth Stewardship, we help our clients not only optimize Financial Assets, but their Core, Experience, and Contribution Assets as well. In doing so, we help them pursue their True Wealth.