Marion Masquerade

We hope you and your family are having a FUN and EXCITING day of competition at Marion Masquerade!

There are tons of hours of hard work and dedication that accompanies the talent your son/daughter is displaying on stage.

For over 25 years, we've helped families in Eastern Iowa identify opportunities and lay out a decision-making strategy on how to realize their True Wealth.  This takes on many forms, but for most it is learning the simple rules of how best to make their money work harder and smarter for them while they are at work or supporting their children in various endeavors like Show Choir.

As part of our ongoing support for Marion Masquerade, if your family meets with one of our advisors for a conversation about your family's True Wealth... you'll receive a complimentary book on protecting your family from identity fraud.

Please have Leanna or Kori reach out to me next week for a time to talk about our family's True Wealth.  I've included some thoughts that have been on my mind lately, as well as my contact information below...

Thank you!